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Stedfastly Minded



I was raised in a Christian home and I am so thankful for the godly heritage that I was given. My parents were faithful and full time in the ministry. I never remember a time that I didn't believe in Jesus or that I didn't love him. I made several professions of faith and many times still struggled to "know" if I was saved. After moving to the mission field in 2016, I had a lot of free time and I found myself searching for the truth in my salvation. I knew that I was saved, but I was troubled that I had made so many professions. I had made a profession in 2012 and seemed to have some peace for a while, but when I looked back over my life, I knew God had been with me through some very dark days in my life.  I told the Lord that I wanted to be able to share my testimony with others and "know" that was truly when I got saved and not just another profession.  The Lord took me on what I call a spiritual cleanse, he took me through times in my life where He walked with me and talked with me. He reminded me of the prayers that He had answered for me. The Lord took me to the verse in the Bible where Jesus told His disciples, "Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14  
I prayed and asked the Lord to show me, he took me back in my memory to the very first time I asked Him to save me. I remembered that day very clearly, we had been at camp meeting all week and on our way home daddy asked us if we had anything on our hearts. I remember telling him that I wanted to be saved. We stopped at McDonalds and everyone went inside except me and daddy and I remember him telling me how to be saved and I prayed and asked the Lord to save me.  
As I sat on my bed remembering this, I told the Lord that it all made sense, He has been with me my entire Life and I was allowing the devil to steal my joy.  I was so thankful that the Lord had returned the joy of my salvation. I told the Lord that because of how many years I had struggled with my salvatiion it would be really nice to know the date I was saved. I honestly just left it with the Lord. About a month later we had moved house and I was going through some books. I found a bible that was my mothers, that she had given me. I flipped open the page and there in her beautiful handwriting was the date that I got saved. I felt like shouting, but all I could do is cry. I went straight to my family and told them all that had transpired over the months and how God had just proven himself again to me. I am so thankful for my salvation. I wish I had never dealt with doubt and the struggles of knowing, but I am thankful that I serve a God that cares about the details. He cares and I am so thankful to know that I am saved, to know that I am a child of God. No more worries, no more fear, no more doubting, All because of HIM!! 

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