I was raised in a Christian home and so thankful for the Godly heritage that I have. My parents were faithful and full time in the ministry. I always knew what was right and had the desire to be saved and serve The Lord. I never remember a time that I didn't feel that I loved The Lord. I made several professions of faith growing up, but never did I experience peace. That peace of knowing my eternity was secure, that peace that passes all understanding. I struggled for many years into our marriage, 15 years and July 25,2012, we were in a camp meeting in Michigan and the preacher preached on going to hell from a a church pew, he said, the devil don't care if you are faithful to church and faithful to serve God, if he has your soul, he doesn't care. I asked The Lord that if I was lost would He convict my heart and I would go and get saved. He convicted me and as soon as I got to the altar, I asked The Lord to show me what exactly it was that I needed, I told The Lord, "I have made many professions, I want the real thing" It was so clear to me, I knew what was right and God had always been apart of my life, because of my raising, but I can't just ask Him to save me, I have to accept His salvation and allow Him to be The Lord of my life. So that is what I did, I repented and then I received Him and what a difference. What a joy, what a peace, what a change!! Thank you Lord for your mercy and your long suffering, 35 years you sought me. Praise The Lord, I'm saved!!


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